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Cynthia Colston wants to tell you how she got arrested after calling 911 because she received a bad manicure.

'What you talking about officer?!'

'What you talking about officer?!'

Who will give Cynthia a manicure now?

Have you ever gone in and had your nails done and just looked down and thought this is ‘Just is a crying crime, I should call the police?” Well that’s exactly what Cynthia Colston thought after she looked up to see the crime at the end of her fingertips.

When police arrived after resisting 4 times to her call (God knows why…) they weren’t particularly impressed (silly them). Initially Cynthia called to complain about the monstrosity that her nails had been been subjected to, and then when the police department failed to turn up in timely fashion (this was an emergency after all, at least to Cynthia) she then called back to wonder why it was ‘takin’ them so damn’ long.’

But it didn’t end there for our Cynthia, unimpressed with the way the arriving officer was handling the case (pleazze officer- look at what that bitchh did to my nailz?!) she began to berate him and that’s when lo and behold crazy Cynthia found her sorry ass in a prison cell. And heaven’s above she was the one who called the police, they should have at least put the nail technician in the other jail cell just to teach that bitch a lesson too.

One day when Cynthia is sitting home clipping her nails she will unwittingly veer a bit to the left and consequently upset the asymmetry of her nails, she will sit there for a while pondering if she should once again call the police when she will cleverly take the clipper, and cut one half of her finger off before deciding now that the police will finally take her seriously.

ps- don’t you love the big smirks on these television reporters, I know we do.


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