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The love affair the media has in store for America’s newest vilified character: Erika Winchester


Erika Winchester, secretly caught by a mailman on his cell phone (see video below) as she chastises him, slaps him, and then calls him a “Fucking n*gger thief,” because he refuses to hand over a card for a letter she already signed for has in the space of 24 hours gone from an anonymous ex actress to a part time actress with a real life following. Except the following is not of the devoting kind. Not that the media is ever of the devoting kind…

Judging by the comments left by outraged readers of gawker, 4chan (who were able to quickly unmask our collective hero’s identity once her performance hit the internet in virulent fashion) and reddit Erika Winchester has suddenly become the poster child of everything that is wrong with America. And America is outraged.

Gawker:When the video was splashed all over blogs and message boards like 4chan and Reddit last night, the Internet hive mind quickly tracked the woman down. She was identified as 60-year-old Erika Winchester of Hingham, Mass., and her number and address were posted on numerous sites. (Real estate records confirm Winchester lives at the house featured in the video.) Winchester runs a speech coaching business called The Speech Company, which bills itself as “the nationally leading human-to-human communication organization.” She’s also a sometimes-actress, judging from this old listing on Exploretalent.com.

Of course Gawker being the senseless sensationalists that they unfortunately are decide (since they now too have her number) to give our heroine (who it seems has a history of mental illness) a call:

“Hi it’s Gawker- we just wanted to see if we could capture you being a zany racist one more time for our camera crew. Do you mind?”

Because when you are one of the world’s largest media companies, playing prank calls is a healthier option than asking relevant questions, and of course more entertaining.

We called Winchester’s home early this morning as her phone number was being passed around the Internet, hoping to reach her before her lines clogged. A woman who sounded much like the woman in the video answered with “House of Pizza, how may I help you?” When asked if Erica Winchester lived at the address she angrily declared, “All sorts of people work here, this is a pizza parlor,” and hung up. Clearly she’d already been been inundated with anonymous prank calls.

Which makes us wonder who is more mentally ill ?- The multi national media companies who suddenly want to remind Erika being racist is politically incorrect (which is like telling Hitler after he has killed 6 million Jews and other perceived undesirables he is a racist and a murderer) or Erika who unfortunately can’t let go of some episode in her life or the implicit idea that both the media and this challenged woman are both just as ruthless and shameless as each other, except the media in this case happens to have more clout and a potentially more sinister agenda- to deflect the fact if anyone has a real bias, agenda, or programmed auto truth – it’s not a 60 year old retarded woman who lives on the North East coast who drives a battered Volvo but the seemingly liberal media who practice the same type of hate and torment she does, but on a larger scale.

Who do you hate more now..?



  1. Got news for you Scallywag: There were less than 3 million Jews in the part of Europe occupied by Hitler, if he killed more than 300,000 Jews I would be very surprised.

  2. Um…. both are wrong and when something like this happens, it doesn’t mean you point the finger at the media. I doubt the media had anything to do with her being racist. Also its a conservative cop out to attack liberal media just because the the people bashing this woman are liberal. Shape up man. Liberals and conservatives are both racially charged ignorant mutha———ers but, what your saying is like saying “well she’s racist, but black people are too”. So are saying this is ok for her to be this way because the “liberal” side is too. I’m sure everyone on this forum is smart enough to know that both sides can be racist so don’t try to cover her up. This guy also lost his job, thats why people are posting it back because they want to help him. Im sure you’d do the same f—–ng thing if some black dude called you a white boy just that it would get posted on one of the skin head forums you read cuz that’s what you’re sounding like a white nationalist.

  3. ok…….i understand,…… but the real question here is…does Erika Winchester have a gray or a shaved poo-naa-nee-naa-nee??

  4. Another thing Irish are white but they are nasty they stay drunk and can’t keep a job. No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish! HA, HA

  5. Why is anyone surprised? I have friends who say they hate Italians, Jew and Irish people. You want to know why? Because they are not really White! I have so many friends who hate Italians with a passion and Jews, don’t get me started. Do your history did you forget about N.I.N.A. (No Irish Need Apply). And you all go around thinking you are a part of us. You are not, you have dirty blood. We act like we like you but you are nothing to us either. Nasty Italians, Jews and Irish red headed bastards. Keep doing our bidding dumbass! 😉 Palin 2012 with the nasty, stupid wannabes voting the way we want! We’ll take back the WHITE HOUSE and the world! Then you can go back where you came from and we will rule those countries too! HA, HA, HA. What can you do, if we told you to vote for the purple party. Ya’ll would!

  6. The mailman is NOT refusing to hand over a letter she already signed for. He’s refusing to TAKE BACK a letter that she signed for. The former is a valid complaint against the mailman, the latter is him just simply following the law.

    JMC- if you read the article again you will see that it says the mailman refuses to hand over the card for a letter she already signed for- not the letter itself.

    I think this makes you stupid, especially for not paying attention to what you are reading.

    JMC- you are a moron.

  7. I actually hate you more, for being so stupid as to not even be able to follow what is happening in the video. The mailman is NOT refusing to hand over a letter she already signed for. He’s refusing to TAKE BACK a letter that she signed for. The former is a valid complaint against the mailman, the latter is him just simply following the law (you signed for a certified letter – it is NOW certified that you accepted it – you can’t just hand it back to the mailman willy nilly) – she escalates it by ranting and raving like a lunatic. A simple call to the local post office supervisor to complain about a letter carrier for (this imagined) infraction? Nah, I’ll unleash the racist within me instead.

    She’s a moron.

  8. Nope, still hate her more. Gawker is exploiting this news event, sure. But relishing in reporting on someone this mean is just a side effect of what Gawker actually did: REPORTING ON SOMEONE THIS MEAN.
    I feel dirtier for having seen the Gawker page, but I’m happy that I know that she is out there and someone is keeping track of her.

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