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Mad Mel wants to tell you he did slap Okotoki- for her own good.


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Just when you thought the hatchet was barried and those battle scars on Okotoki’s (Oksana Grigorieva) face were the results of a violent wet dream you had this summer Mad Mel has come out in a sworn affadavit in relation to his and Okotoki’s custody war over their child and admitted lo and behold he did slap the ‘bitch’ up- but of course it was ‘only’ for her own good.

TMZ: TMZ has obtained Mel Gibson‘s sworn declaration in the custody war with Oksana Grigorieva, in which Mel admits slapping Oksana because he says she was so hysterical she was endangering the baby … but he denies hitting her.

So let’s get this straight- a slap is force used by yourself with an open hand on someone’s usually face. Where as hit- is uhm, when you use force with a closed hand (yes that sounds good to the chipmunks jumping up and down in our corridor) on someone’s usually face. Seems like Mad Mel is doing well here kids. What do you think?

Mel is referring to the explosive argument between the two on the night of January 6, 2010, which triggered the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department domestic violence investigation. Oksana claims Mel punched her in the temple and in the mouth, knocking out two teeth.

So if I use a closed fist or an open fist – is it still possible to knock out someone’s front teeth? Even if those person’s front teeth happen to belong to a famewhore?

But Mel tells a very different story. According to his declaration, dated June 23, 2010 and filed with the court, Mel says he and Oksana were having one of their frequent arguments at his Malibu home, when Oksana grabbed
Lucia out her of bassinet, brought her right in the middle of the argument and screamed, “Stop yelling or you will make her into a retarded brain damaged idiot!”

Retarded brain damaged idiot? Isn’t that an inside joke? After all aren’t both Mad Mel and Okotoki kind of ‘retarded brain damaged idiots,’ to begin with? Even if they are both fame whores that is…

Mel says Oksana then “spun around,” ran into her older son’s room and then out into the backyard. Mel says the yard is dangerous at night, set on different levels and dimly lit. Mel says Oksana ran across the various levels for about 75 yards, near thorny trees.

I don’t know about you kids, but I’m bringing out the popcorn for this one…

As she refused to hand the baby over and continued with “rough and erratic movements,” Mel says, “I slapped Oksana one time with an open hand in an attempt to bring her back to reality. I did not slap her hard, I was just trying to shock her so that she would stop screaming, continuing shaking Lucia back and forth.”

Bring her back to reality as opposed to the self imposed fantasy that Mad Mel and Okotoki have taken to call their own very special backyard?

Mel admits, “While I do not believe I handled the situation as well as I should have, I was worried about the rough way Oksana was shaking and tossing Lucia around,” adding, “My hand never touched any part of Lucia.” As we’ve already reported, the pediatrician who examined Lucia the next day saw no evidence of injury.

One day Lucia will be standing at some cattle call having some paparazzi spin a million shots in her direction when she will suddenly stop and cry- ” Please, I can’t stand it when you take all those camera shots with an open fist.”

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2010 does not look like a good year for Mel Gibson.

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