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Give Life Event stars at Fashion Institute of Technology

Malan Breton

Photography by Gordon Ho. Alexa Wynne, Kristin Moloni, Alli Rizzo and guest.

While new to public speaking, Kristin Moloni, a 23-year old five-organ transplant recipient, shared her ten plus year struggle with her health to an audience that surpassed expectations (fashion designers, stylists, models, and celebrities) Monday night at the Give Life Event at the Fashion Institute of Technology. As an advocate for the New York Donor Network, the first time I heard Kristin speak was in the spring of 2009, once again on FIT’s campus. Thus, at the Give Life event, I was given the opportunity to watch the reactions of the guests, as her story was interrupted with applause and admiration for her courage, spirit and optimism during a time of great pain and skepticism.

There are over 100,000 people in the United States alone waiting for organ transplantations and around 9,000 of those live in the State of New York. New York just happens to have one of the lowest percentages of registered donors (13%) but each donor has the opportunity to save eight lives, possibly even fifty if eye and tissue donation is in effect. Imagine the results if the parentage of donors exceeded that of which is shockingly low.

Alexa Winner,Danielle Staub, Alli Rizzo

  • She’s Alex Winner. The author of this piece is Alexandra Wynne.

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