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Can you make it in America without a college degree?


You will spend almost one third of your life being trained to be a carbon copy of someone or something you do not know. Trained to be part of a collective bigger than yourself, so you can help engender the greater collective. It will be no wonder why no one person will have any idea of who they are themselves but yet everyone will always have advice for how everyone else should live their life. You will see these ideas being portrayed in everything that you consume which inevitably in the end will consume you.

Everyone will tell you who to be, what to wear, how to speak as if you could not have done these things on your own from the beginning. So the more that you learn about how to be, what to be and who to be, the more out of touch with ultimate reality you will inevitably become. The effect of this slow decay of your intrinsic intelligence will cause you to lose more and more of a grasp with who you truly are; always. Inevitable consequence of this is that you will never move past the periphery of all that you see and all that you seek. But this is your education, and the formulas are there to absorb, memorize, never mind the initial reasoning why anything came into initial calling in the first place, not that you ever need to understand that, after all you have a college degree to earn, a right of passage so you too can finally make it in America.

You will not be able to decipher what you see because someone else will always be seeing it for you. You will not be able to decipher what you taste because someone will be tasting it for you. You will not be able to decipher what you hear because someone else will be hearing it for you. Then you will bury yourself alive as something inside you screams in infinite horrors; forever. But this is your education too….

Can you make it in America without a college degree?

Well to the guy I know who dropped out of college and inevitably is making a good living doing what he loves to do, then yes, you can make it without a degree but only if you are willing and chock full of grit. Its not the kind of thing for anyone who wants everything guaranteed. You will get none of that. You will though have a bit of peace of mind knowing that you have saved yourself a lot of money, that you have gained a lot of experience in the working world and bridged many connections but on the other hand, you will not have a degree and if you want to be apart of the society you may need one but only in the eyes of others.

The other extreme is that you go to college. You can take out loans for it and pay them back later but it won’t be without interest because after all the financial corporations take much of an interest in your wallet. You will also depending on your situation, live on your own and you will have a job. You will work to pay the



  1. That’s a big ole’ glass of truth juice. Well said! Well done. So true. I do the school-no-school waddle on a constant basis because at the end of the day, degree or not, it’s all about making money. For the good and the not so good. A degree may help or not help – I guess – in my opinion – it depends on the person – and what their passion is. For awhile I thought it was all about following the path – until of course – I walked in the opposite direction. Existence exists though one’s own perception. Whether it’s rosy or not, is up to you.

    Thank you for such a thought-provoking article as well as for hearing me out.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Amy G

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