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Asian Storms to Raise Price of Condoms


If the brewing political storm over free birth control under ‘Obamacare’ wasn’t already predicted to get windy enough, now it seems the moralizing air-blowing may get even more fun violent now that condoms should be getting even pricier “following a 65 per cent jump in the price of natural rubber…”

Manufacturers have been forced to raise the prices of our love gloves after a series of torrential downpours in South-East Asia have, rather ironically, caused flooding and ‘disrupted rubber tapping,’ triggering a rubber buying ‘panic.’

While rubber giants like Goodyear have also reportedly lost money, let’s turn our attention to what should be first and foremost on our minds:

“Adam Glickman of Condomania, one of the largest speciality condom retailers in the US, said the price of condoms had risen 10-20 per cent in the past year and manufacturers were warning of further increases.”

So much for having a cheap date… unless of course the feds will fist foot the bill.


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