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Drug Violence in Mexican Town Causes Entire Police Force to Quit


When drug cartels end up becoming the police state themselves.

When a drug cartel unleashed a barrage of 6 grenades and 1000 rounds on a three-day-old police compound in the Mexican town of Los Ramones, Nuevo Leon, the results were resounding indeed, with the immediate resignation of every single officer, a total of 14 who until recently made up the entire department.

As Los Ramones Mayor Santos Salinas stated, ‘Fortunately, those who were inside the building threw themselves on the ground and nobody was hurt,” such mass resignations following such assaults are said be status quo.

This could well prove a problem considering they occur “frequently.”

Far from a question of cowardice, such a retreat more closely resemble what we could call common sense. The police force in Mexico has been called “ill-equipped” at best, meaning the cops, both outmanned and outgunned are effectively all but powerless. Which has led to the paradoxical situation of the cartels now being in the state positioning of governing.

Which has us even wondering, isn’t this the ideal situation when you the drug cartel are left ‘policing?’

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