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Vivienne Tam- The New Silk Road.


Photography by Gordon Ho. Vivienne Tam Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

If only two words could be used to describe Vivienne Tam’s Spring/Summer collection for 2011 they would no doubt be ‘dainty’ and ‘eclectic’. The show, dubbed by Tam as “The New Silk Road,” was dedicated to the survivors of the devastating floods that ravaged the landscapes of Pakistan and China this summer.

But this dedication was not merely a verbal one as several pieces in the collection itself clearly paid homage to some of the traditional clothing worn in these regions by the choice of traditional tribal jewelry and fabrics. While Tam is well known for her clean lines and “China doll style”, there was a clear departure from past collections. Rather than exclusively drawing from traditional Chinese (and more typical Western) patterns, Tam also incorporated notes from tribal Pakistan and Mongolia.

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  • verane

    loathable scene, some decidedly gorgeous pieces in the mix…