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Vigilantes from 4Chan’s /b/ Forum Hot on the Trail of Puppy Throwing Girl

Unidentified girl throwing pup after pup into the river to drown.

It shouldn’t be at all surprising that the usually perverted internet masses have been busy little vigilantes today after viewing a video of a mysterious young woman giggling while throwing helpless puppies into a river to drown.

Gawker reports that: On Monday afternoon, this video was posted to a thread on /b/—the unruly, lawless “Random” board on the popular imageboard site 4chan—along with a characteristically sweet message: “Find this dumb little bitch and throw her into a river.”

While unquestionably heinous (a mundane value judgment the media has been all too quick bash us over the head with) is it really all that shocking? At least any more than the typical scatological child porn and brutality that /b/ wallows in daily (at least, that is, when the mods aren’t watching) .

Huffington Post: The video, believed to have been filmed in either Bosnia or Croatia, though no one knows for sure, shows a girl in a hooded sweatshirt lifting whimpering dogs out of a bucket and recklessly tossing them into the rapids.

Estimated to be in her late teens or early twenties, the identity of the girl in the video remains a mystery. A Facebook group called “Find the Girl Who Threw Puppies in River” already has over 2,300 followers.

Still, there’s one question, albeit a difficult one, everyone seems to be shying away from: just why has there been such an extreme response to this video in such a short timeframe?

Could not our outrage be really that a woman (we all know they don’t exist on the internet, unless they show their tits to prove it) is publicly deriving pleasure from practicing the exact same kind of sadism the predominantly male masses of /b/ do daily, and save for their own masculine enjoyment?

Is not, I mean to say, our outrage really that our little red riding hood is being unladylike?

Gawker, for its part, both hits on what should be the major question here just as quickly as it elides it, writing on the tenor of the debate: “This place used to be the darkest pit of the internet… now this place is full of justicefags all over.” The future of /b/: Aggressive nihilism versus wrathful lynch mobbing. What a choice!

But, some of us may wonder, does the option really matter when both poles — in either extreme — result in exactly the same thing? Until our objects for collective flagellation start showing moar tits, of course, like all ‘good’ media whores.

Source; knowyourmeme

Be warned, the photo montage below is disturbing. The you tube video has since been removed.



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  2. She is from Bosnia. The police are looking for her and many groups of vigilantes are as well. if you live in the region, ask law enforcement if they are close to catching her, and post any info you get on the web ( youtube, facebook etc)

    when she is caught I hope she is forced to swallow gasoline and lit on fire from the inside out.

  3. It IS unladylike and more. There is no double and unequal standard – there is an opposite and equal standard because men and women are opposite evolutionary designs. As reproducers for the human species, women are the primary caregivers, and both women and men are hardwired to expect more ladylike behavior from women, and most women evolved to fit this role. Likewise, effeminate men who act overly soft and nurturing are disdained by both men and women (even those who consider themselves feminists), because we are hardwired to expect men to be the protectors and providers, and most men evolved to fit this role.

    That being said sadism is abhorrent for either gender. “Men” are not sadistic – most men are the non-sadistic nice guys and beta males that women find unattractive. The small minority of sadistic alpha males who are unethical, bullying and narcissistic are the ones that women are sexually attracted to and chase non-stop, and then characterize “all” men this way.

    I would argue that women as a whole are more sneaky, manipulative and sadistic than men as a whole, and that women sexually reward and encourage violence in men, deriving a vicarious thrill via such manipulations of these men, who mainly perform such acts to gain female sexual validation and access to sex (rather than being thought of as an unattractive nice guy).

  4. This is horrific. How do we know she is from a different country? I didn’t see the video so I can’t tell if an accent was in her voice. I’ve only seen these photo’s posted here and it’s horrible. I’m hoping the puppies didn’t suffer but I am with most of you who would like to see a bit of suffering for this girl. We all know this happens all the time. We don’t need to see it to know it’s there. But when you can photo the things you are doing and publish them on the internet you are someone who has no conscience, no morals. In some instances I wish we were more like other countries that use a long lasting torture as punishment for a crime.

  5. This girl is obviously not out of character, and to throw live puppies into a fast river is wrong. She apologizes for her actions WHILE laghing at what she did. Shes a liar and she’s guilty. On camera.

  6. well……….if she is from the Eastern part of Europe…… you can’t expect much from folks who have given us the Roma gypsies, and that’s about it……….

  7. No it is purely a violent act against the innocent,I do hope they find who she is and that she is held responsible for her horrific actions. .I was glad to hear she is at least from another country where she will get more than a slap on the wrist for this cruel act.I hear that over there she can be imprisoned for many years in their system that is by no means the puffy confinements of our prisons compared to many other countries.Or she may be caught by the vigilantes that would show her how people like her ought to be treated.Sorry If I can find no pity to protect her.As far as I am concerned she is no better that a child abuser/molester. I find her more than disgusting and I hope her fate fits her crime.I would gladly show her the fear she put into those innocent puppies but I would not kill her of course,then she cold not have recurring nightmares of her deed to others being done to her.That would be far more fun and useful and it would save a space in jail for someone else and save money on her comforts of incarceration. Then it could be posted to one let others know they could be next and let the good people know justice was done as best as it could( since the puppies more than likely drowned and could not be saved.I say her cohorts should be caught w well and justice delivered to them as well. Does anyone have a clue where to start looking for her yet ..other than some country?More details anyone?

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