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Vessel by Lois: Uniform Attraction.


Photography by Aracelis Batista. The Vessel. byLois.

Lois Samuels wears her inspiration on her sleeve. She’s done it all in the fashion industry – model, publicist, photographer – but she seems just as influenced by her youth in Jamaica. Her line, the Vessel. by lois, is all about minimalism, in sharp contrast to the kind of excess one might expect from someone accustomed to life in the fashion industry. Spring / Summer 2011 will be a preppy one if Lois Samuels has her way.

There is a fine line between appreciating the simplicity of schoolgirl preppiness and emulating that  jailbait thing Britney Spears was doing in the 90s (sorry, who is the correct modern reference here? Hannah Montana? Selena Lovato? Who can keep up…). The point is, the Vessel plays it safe. The daytime looks are modest – many would go equally well with boat shoes, oxfords, or spike heels – and the evening dresses also followed classic shapes and fabrics that would be flattering on a wide range of body types.

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