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US Border Official Charged with Bribery, Lets Vehicles Allegedly Carrying Meth and Cocaine Into Country


Oscar Osbaldo Ortiz Martinez, a US border inspector faces possible life in prison for “bribery, conspiracy and attempting to import cocaine and methamphetamine” after allegedly allowing the safe passage of trucks carrying payloads of drugs from Mexico for what is said to be about $52,000 in total bribes.

After first being approached in 2009, with an opportunity to let cocaine pass through the border for the price of $120/kilo, Ortiz let a Jeep Cherokee he believed to be full of cocaine pass through his lane for to a quick $22,000 payday.

Not content with just one such thrilling criminal indiscretion, as the National Ledger reports, “Ortiz, 30, took $30,000 for waving through a Ford Lobo he believed to be packed with drugs on Monday”…

“He was arrested Thursday after allegedly accepting the money from an informant in a Lucky’s supermarket parking lot in neighboring El Centro.”

The ironic name of the arrest location aside, Ortiz’s case marks just the latest arrest in a “string” of corruption investigations aimed at combating Mexican drug lords paying border officials “huge bribes”

LA Times: Ortiz-Martinez allegedly coordinated the two smuggling attempts carefully, providing his work schedule to the informant so he could know in which lane he was working. When the informant arrived at his inspection booth on the first attempt in June, Ortiz-Martinez allegedly scanned his passport, grinned, and let him through.

The tremendous breach in border security aside, shouldn’t we wonder, if only for a moment why it is that those who seem so eager to protect us, so often decide not only to betray us, but also take such an apparent pleasure in it?

Source: National Ledger