Home Scandal and Gossip Octomum decides she’s going to write a book to stave off eviction.

Octomum decides she’s going to write a book to stave off eviction.


What would you do- write a book or star in a porn flick?

We hear in the latest installment of Octomum’s perilous dilemma of ‘should I do a porno flick or go homeless,’ Octomum is now considering a last option of writing about her life’s magical ordeal. The only problem is Octomum doesn’t know if she can find the time between the TV appearances and the screaming kids. Then again, you’re just dying to read about Octomum’s adventures aren’t you?

AzCentral Suleman, speaking during a video interview with Splash News, said she’s trying to write a book about her life but admitted she has limited time to do so given her responsibilities raising her 14 children.

Which makes us wonder. Will there be 14 chapters dedicated to each of the little newbies or 14 chapters dedicated to how to create a media sensation to stave off your landlord?

“I’m working really, really hard to make money to pay the mortgage,” she told Splash News this week, showing off a copy of a letter from the home’s owner telling her to vacate the property.

But where there’s a will, there’s always a way…

Suleman has been in danger of being evicted from the home for months and admitted she’s been struggling to pay her bills. She and her family have been featured in a reality-TV show, but she said that has not produced enough money.

Sooner than later one morning you’re going to wake up and find yourself staring at the divine faces of Snooki and Octomum making out under a pina colada umbrella with bell boys running around them asking them if they can run in the water and start thrashing some tender salt water in their direction.

Don’t you wish you could get offers to make porno films too?