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Fox News has got there conservative panties in a twist over John Cusack’s Sunday night Twitter tirade, in which Cusack threatened tweeted:


Cusack was speaking specifically about former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Fox News.

What was Fox New’s “no spin” take on John Cusack’s tweet?

Fox News: Cusack has long been outspoken about politics. He supported Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election and has contributed to The Huffington Post, but this is the first known time he has stooped to the level of making threats.

And while the U.S. Constitution protects Cusack’s right to speak his mind, some critics say he should be more careful about what he says, since he has more than 200,000 Twitter followers.

“His provocative tweets could easily incite a rabid fan to commit violent acts against Fox News Headquarters and others he names,” said Dr. Carole Lieberman, a Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist and author of “Coping With Terrorism: Dreams Interrupted.”

“Fans could not only be influenced because of their devotion to Cusack, the man, but also because of their love for one of the characters he plays,”  she told Fox411.

Oh Fox News, you ninnies; what fans you so worried about? The ones that can quote all of Say Anything and High Fidelity? Those fans? Well, we’re sorry to tell you, but they’ve all grown up, stopped smoking pot, they’ve thrown out their acid washed clothes and started to work for the man. I can’t see any of them starting “Satanic Death Cult” at your headquarters any time soon

Brad wants the death penalty for BP, John is for a “satanic death cult center” at the FOX News headquarters; as politics as usual continues, celebrities are coming up with creative fight corruption; and spreading it to their millions of fans.

Who needs superheroes when you have supercelebrities?



  1. This is humorous, this whole facade… Are you mad? Are you little lemming-like socialists going to blow your little new world order lids out there? I really hope you people choke to death on your Obama flavored Wheaties. You lost all credibility with us when you cared more about saving a giant fish than your own children. OH! Japan is whaling!! So the f%$k what, you idiots are killing 50,000 unborn babies a year. All of you can go f%$k yourselves. And take that panty waste John Cusack with you. Its 3 to 1 in America, liberals are losing, FYI…

  2. Could this man define this any better

    “When an artist takes a look at how to “fix” a social or economic problem, it shouldn’t surprise us that they are looking for heroes and villains, for victims and perpetrators, and for bigger than life fantasies that aren’t based in reality (and therefore won’t work).
    Artists are not trained to delve into the gray. They are trained to define the absolutes such as living, dying, good, bad, heaven, and hell in ways that most of us never really have to face. Therefore, when it comes time for an artist to consider possibilities, and rational conclusion in areas like politics that they don’t know, their mind immediately goes to the dramatic—the victim, the hero; the winner, the loser; the angel, the demon.”

    Why Are Most Artists Liberal?
    by Dr. Gina Loudon

  3. I used to like his movies, but stopped watching them when he went off the deep end with his political attacks. Will never understand why celebrities think their opinions should matter more than everyone else’s. Most of them are just low class people without educations who happened to have a pretty face and capitalized on it.

  4. All Media is accountable for their manipulation of the American public through social engineering and programming designed to manipulate or misinform, whether it is on the left or the right. It is a rather crazy notion that one side of the spectrum is exclusively to blame. Media is a business just like any other and the fat cats on all the networks want to sustain their existence not enlighten the general public. The more fools are among us, the more profitable it is for folks at the top. Maybe if some folks turned off American Idol and turned away from the Entertainment Culture of Distraction and examined the state of the republic and their own lives, they might hold more folks across the political spectrum accountable for what has been done to our republic. The Noise Machine is not limited to one News Network, examine the culture of celebrity and the fact that Tom Cruise takes a dump, jumps on a couch or George Clooney picks his nose or Jennifer Maniston gets a haircut and the average Jamolk runs to buy In Touch Weekly and Twitters about it. Idiots like Micah Jesse who smoke so much celebrity crack are invited to cover this idiocy. The people need to wake up but they likely won’t. Fact is if an idiot like Clooney can make 10 million per year, I have less of an issue with Sean Hannity making the same.

  5. Wow, the only idiots are those who actually watch Fox Noise for news. It’s a known fact that watching the corporate brownshirtsfor more than 30 seconds, lowers your IQ. John Cusack cares about our country, and finds the Hermann Goebels of Faux News anathema to everyting intelligent and moral.

  6. Shelley seems like the bright one in the family. Cusack is an idiot. It’s easy to see. Looks like the witch doctor Armey hired worked. He is great at shrunken heads.

  7. A big smile for John, and for the simple minded ones who took his remarks as if he “really is giong to build one” explains why you are soo easily swayed by hypocrisy of fox.


  9. Is there any better proof of evilness than someone who calls for a SATANIC death of anyone or anything? Also proof that just bc someone thinks of themselves as a “powerful actor” they think they can influence the masses. Get your heads out of small spaces –o sorry i forgot, its all about ME…well then smell it.

  10. Fox is upset that someone might actually assault them because of John Cusack’s comments? Are they kidding us? They put programs on where Obama and every other progressive is called a Nazi, a Communist, a devil worshipper, and etc. all at once. They aren’t worried about their looney right-wing nuts taking out someone, like a doctor who performs abortions, or a politician? Or ‘exercising our 2nd Amendment remedies’ like that idiot Sharon Angle or Michele Bachman are blathering about?

    How about Fox News’ play on this mosque in Manhattan bullshit? They draw oictures and flash cards (probably because the morons who listen to these jerks need cartoon to understand a point) and they supposedly don’t know who the terror funder is behind the Kingdom Fund? Come on…it’s the number 2 shareholder at Fox News. You know, the guy in the photo wioth Rupert Mrudock, they guy Fox just gave $70 MILLION DOLLARS to!!!! What a bunch of liars and jackasses these guys are.

    And what has Barack done to America? they all complain about? Simply stop the freefall after the worst case of fiscal irresponsibility in our history where Bush piled on 5 TRILLION DOLLARS IN NEW DEBT BY NOT FUNBDING A SINGLE PROGRAM!!! And he burned out every branch of our military, reserves, and National Guards to avoid public opinion if he tried to draft or otherwise increase military ranks and risk public opinion. These guys cared for no one and nothing other than their constituency…the TOP 2% income earners. You know, the hedge fund guys who brought us this debacle, the same 2% that the tax code has been rigged to protect by using capital gains techniques to reclass inbcome to lower taxation (only matters for the TOP 2%).

    And how many of you idiots think you are in the top 2% (+$1MM year income) that the Repubs so adamantly dog for? Don’t you fools realize YOU are paying for those tax breaks to the TOP 2% (estimated at $5 TRILLION over the next 10 years!!!). You have to be a moron not to get that. That’s why Tea Partiers are fools. They are being misled by their anger to focus on the wrong enemy.

    If you want to know who the REAL tax and spend folks are…it’s the Republicans. Instead of INVESTING in America they have SPENT everything and paid for nothing on a current basis, just adding it to the debt for your children and grandchildren. And for the Trillion dollars in past spending AND the 2 TRILLION DOLLARS in future costs to replenish equipment and support wounded and crippled soldiers, we get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in investment. All the money is lost in the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan with the only result being BP (which most likely was behind the push on Balir to go to war) is now the largest oil producer in Iraq.. That’s what Bush and Cheney just did to us and you actually WANT MORE OF IT????

    Spending on Infrastructure right now is about our only way out of this mess the REpublicans have put us in. Our current situation has nothing to do with Obama and EVERYTHING to do with the Republican Party. First they spent us into a giant hole…and now they fight every plan to get us back on track. Screw Osama bin Laden…he can’t do half of what Bush and
    Cheney did, and what McConnell and that Orange guy…Boehner are doing now. These guys are politicians long before they are Americans…just follow the money to the TOP 2%…defending BP, Wall Street, Insurance Companies…yeah, give me more of that so Corpoartions can continue running our lives.

  11. I’ve always been a fan of John’s movies and not necessarily a fan of FOX but he is just a very liberal democrat speaking not from reality but from his lefty heart. John, the last time I heard the word “CHANGE” come out of Obama’s mouth was pre-election, let’s face it, just another lie from another lying sack of s**t politician. Things have not changed and won’t b/c it was just a political marketing lie. FOX continue to say it as it IS!!! You have the RIGHT!!!

  12. their side said…our side said…we are a house didided and we are going to fall. Is it to late to reverse the trend? Healthy debate is good but we are turning our anger against one another and that is not good.

  13. Poor way of promoting your next flick John…but a great way to having sold your soul to the DEVIL…at least we won’t be with you in HELL!

  14. Typical Hollywood liberal,out of touch with the real world.
    I don’t find him threatening at all. This is amusing that people would get behind this pile of dung.

  15. Soooo…let’s see if I have this right. When Sarah Palin makes her hateful and ignorant comments, Fox gets their panties wet and practically breaks their necks to get it on air RIGHT NOW. Because she speaks for the good of America…blah blah blah. But let someone come out against them, and they are a terrorist. Nice job Fox…nice job. Hypocrites.

  16. Glenn Beck is “CLOWN SHOES”: he used to be a drug addled DJ on a Morning Zoo radio program. Sean Hannity is “IDIOTIC CLOWN SHOES”. Rush Limbaugh is “F@(%ING EVIL” and I’m not clownin’ around. FOX “NEWS” is the conduit for much of the division in this country. They and their ilk promote unrest and subversion in this country. Who needs BIN-LADEN when we have FOX to kill our spirit. You DITTO HEADS, BECKER HEADS, and FOX NATION make me physically ill.

  17. i AGREE WITH Cusack is a genius. This is sarcasm. What is the matter with people? Glen
    Beck can make (and has made) wild accusations about the POTUS with no sanctions. Glen
    Beck and frothing-at-the-mouth tea partiers have suggested violence against the POTUS.

    Fox news fans don’t understand freedom of speech belongs to all of us.

  18. Good for you John. I’m sick to death of the “conservatives” who think they can say anything they want, but God forbid someone should disagree with them. As far as I’m concerned. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck are the Devil alive and spewing hate in the world today and the IDIOTS who listen to them are bringing our country to it’s knees. Wake up people!

  19. It’s really quite interesting how “HATE AND VIOLENCE” are regurgitated on Fox News (not), but Fox fans go ballistic when someone stoops to thier level. I smell HYPOCRISY!!! Oh and Fox fans its really sick when Fox talks about GOD and regurgitating HATE in the same sentence. WAKE UP or get a real education!!!! You are brainwashed!!

  20. I KNEW I liked John Cusak as an actor……he is an intelligent person who also has an opinion. Kudo’s! I agree that FOX is evil! We are ALL entitled to our opinions, whether you agree or not!

  21. Shelly’s Dad,
    You’re out of touch with American’s if you don’t support Fox. I really thought we raised you better than that. Now you have turn left wing liberal. When you get this, give me a call, and I will get you the money you asked for to get you out of that trailer home, and off welfare. Sorry for trying to make you work for a living.

  22. 1. Shelley stop talking to yourself and acting like you are two different people.

    2. Republicans are not on Welfare therefore, CUSACK is a typical Liberal, misinformed.

    3. Cusack will not lose fans over this as he is doing what he does best acting!

  23. wow…i consider myself a fan. i like alot of his movies…but i am not interested in his (or any actors or musicians) political beliefs.

  24. Cusack is expressing his first amendment with humor. Take it easy Fox, he’s no Timothy McVeigh. and all you Foxheads, try another source of brainwashing. Fox is foxtion, and if they keep rallying behind TRUE IDIOTS LIKE RUSH LIMBAUGH, then this country is really out of touch. Famous quotes of Rush:
    1) “I am addicted to prescription pain medication.” –Rush Limbaugh, in 2003
    2) “The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them.”
    3) “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”
    4) Too many whites are getting away with drug use…Too many whites are getting away with drug sales…The answer is to go out and find the ones who are getting away with it, convict them and send them up the river, too.
    Stated on The Rush Limbaugh Show (October 5, 1995); also quoted in The Palm Beach Post (December 7, 2003)
    Enough said, you Foxheads keep listening to your leader and us Democrats will listen to ours. And yes, he WAS born here. And yes, he is a Catholic – but if even if he wasn’t, Bush didn’t take freedom of religion away from us – THANK GOD.

  25. “Fox News has got there conservative panties in a twist…” “there”? Really?

    “I can’t see any of them starting “Satanic Death Cult” at your headquarters any time soon” Here… my gift to you… an “a” and a “.”.

    Kathryn McDermott, that is really sad.

  26. Yes, what an idiot. I used to be a fan til today. If you would watch FOX and believe only half of it, you are more informed than any other people in the U.S. Why can’t all these celebs be like Elton John and “build brigdes” not spew hateful stuff like this.

  27. John Cusack was never an outstanding actor and he is an even worse political analyst. If he were supportive of this country he would take a look at what BO has done to this country and support the people who care which is certainly not the democratic leadership.

  28. What a jack ass! He has fulfilled the true Image of the liberal democratic party. I say we have a boycott of his movies which starts now for me. Ex Fan!!!!!!!

  29. Considering what has happened at the Discovery Channel yesterday in Silver Springs, MD is it so crazy to think some nut job wouldn’t?

  30. Awesome. John. Awesome. FoxNews is tearing down the nation as their hosts sell their books, gold, id protection to feeble minded and crazy people

  31. Ha HA is he serious what a dumb ass !!!!! He makes millions of dollars , He is so out of touch with every american!!!! Get real!!! You are an idoit!!!!!

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