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Kylie Minogue’s teddy bear is not welcomed on Facebook.


When a teddy bear becomes too risque.

There is a lot of hysteria going on today in the corporate offices of Facebook today. The cause of the uproar? Kylie Minogue’s teddy bear who is behaving too risque for the collective likes of us and you. Hold onto your favorite teddy bear and let’s find out how teddy bears have suddenly have become sexually taboo.

D listed. Facebook banned this picture of Kylie Minogue giving a micjob while holding a giant teddy bear, because they explained that they “do not allow photos that contain nudity, drug use or violence.”

Where’s the violence? This is pure love. Where’s the drug use? That teddy bear is drunk not stoned, thankyouvermuch. What nudity? As far as I know teddy bears don’t have dicks that look like microphones.

We’re afraid Michael K of D listed is right, on close inspection we too noticed that the little dagger thrusting out of Kylie’s teddy paw’s is in fact a mic and not teddy’s pecker. Which has us wondering why is Facebook discriminating against teddy bears having a good old time with celebs? Last time we checked half of you were crooning half naked with last week’s margarita out of your paw.

Who knows maybe teddy bear is whispering hot sweet nothing in Kylie’s ear and unlike you and me the people at Facebook can hear and see everything, so of course them wenches are blushing all the way from here to Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia.

One day teddy bear is going to put out a sex video and then will all be blushing…

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