Home Scandal and Gossip It’s time to gawk at the new Ms Universe- Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete.

It’s time to gawk at the new Ms Universe- Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete.

Ole, a round of tequilas for all my new friends.

How to make the world love me...

Once again we have a new Ms Universe and from what we can see Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete is a real gem, assuming getting up on stage and peddling your beauty and becoming the new face of Donald Trump and his universe is your forte. The recap…

Npr:”I want the whole world to know about my country and my people,” the Guadalajara native said after beating 82 competitors for global bragging rights at the pageant in Las Vegas.

“I imagine that they’re all going crazy in Mexico right now,” she said through an interpreter. “I’m extremely proud and I’m sure they’re very proud, too.”

Yes, Navarrete everyone back home is very proud of you, they’re all probably filling gift certificates for time shares that the Donald is going to offer them at cut throat prices. Pride runs very deep when you can strut your stuff whilst shotguns and alarming poverty go off during dreary afternoon siestas. The little girls are probably all strutting on a wooden plank back home now…

One tequila, two tequila....

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  • Mankins

    She only won because the socialist lefty media moguls behind Miss Universe were trying to send a message about Arizona and illegal immigration. Miss Universe is all political.

  • wow

    wow this is just sad you clearly have no life to make an article this stupid.