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Hollister only hires ‘Hotties.’


Well-known as the store the that attracts the disposable income of parents’ bored, over-privileged idle offspring with impossibly white teeth and exceptional hoodie folding skills, Hollister apparently not only has a strict policy of hiring the dumbest white  kids in the mall but the hottest as well.

A former Hollister Manager articulated this hiring practice in an email:

” Regrettably, I was a manager at a Hollister (Abercrombie’s kid sister store) a couple years ago. We held constant meetings to review how attractive our kids were. The district managers were obsessed with hiring kids that teenagers wanted to emulate; that were “aspirational”… I got in trouble for correcting my manager when I told him that aspirational means to have aspirations, and what he really meant was inspirational.

We managers were reminded daily to hire 9’s and 10’s. We got called out on conference calls for putting a ‘7’ in the front room. We were sent DVD’s monthly reminding us of the Hollister/Abercrombie look, the “whole package”. We were told that we weren’t following the vision if we weren’t hiring the hottest kids in the mall. More store hours were spent recruiting hotties than actually training people to work. The better looking the “model” that we hired, the less work they would actually have to do.

It was unreal.

So for those of you out there–weighing ten pounds with bleached blond hair an undeserved sense of entitlement–Hollister needs you to fold overpriced garments.

Source: Gawker

It’s confirmed Abercrombie and Fitch wont hire you either unless you are drop dead gorgeous.

American Apparel wants to let you know you need to be photogenic before they hire you.

The dirty secrets of the beauty industry.

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  • Anon

    This is 100 percent true. I used to work at a Hollister in college–they only let you wear “neutral” shades of makeup, but they’re constantly taking your picture, and if you’re attractive you stand in the front room all day and do absolutely nothing. The goal is hot and bland–you can wear navy, grey, or white only. I hated it–I stood saying “hey what’s up” for hours on end, and they wouldn’t even let me work the cash register. The less attractive and heavier employees were stuck in the back all the time, but it was a blessing in disguise since they actually had something to do. They send the best looking people’s pictures in to corporate and get rewarded for how well they’re doing in their “recruiting.”

  • Soon, we will need an affirmative-action program for ugly people.