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‘Fashion fights Cancer,’- a standout sucess!


Photography by Gordon Ho. Dj Zeke and his glam pals.

The best kind of benefit is one that makes guests forget they’re doing a good deed by being there. Fashion Fights Cancer, an annual event hosted by Suzy Malick and coordinated by Robin Ross of youareonthelist.com that raises funds for cancer research, was the best kind of benefit.

The event was held at the Audi Showroom and featured ten designers and between them, Fashion put up one hell of a fight. The clothes were being sold for a fraction of their normal price and all the proceeds went to “I’m Too Young For This Cancer Foundation,” and “The Cancer Research Institute.” The excitement in the room was palpable.

Models teetered around like exotic birds with big hair and elaborate costumes. Fashionistas perused the racks with perfectly manicured hands. Designers shyly touted their wares, spurned on by the good cause. Waiters gracefully circled the room with drinks and food by Tosca Café and cupcakes by Cupcake Provacateur. There’s nothing like a few mini cupcakes and champagne cocktails to perk a girl up in the evening.

The kids really worked it Thursday night...
Dj Zeke and glam pal.
Dylan Rhyder, Sarah Linebarger and Samuel Norton