Home Scandal and Gossip Bronx livery cab crashes. 1 dead, 6 critically injured.

Bronx livery cab crashes. 1 dead, 6 critically injured.


Could this have so easily have been you?

We don’t know the specifics of the case except to comment everyday we wonder about the fragility and randomness of life. No matter the odds. So one day you’re waiting for the bus and the next you’re fighting for your life. Can anyone make sense of it?

Gothamist: Just before 11 a.m., a livery cab slammed into a bus shelter at University Ave. and West Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx. WCBS 2 reports that one man in his 70s was killed while six others were injured: “Witnesses tell 1010 WINS reporter Steve Sandberg that a mini-van trying to make an illegal U-turn caused the accident. The livery cab apparently swerved to avoid the van, lost control and then plowed into the bus stop shattering the glass shelter. Witnesses say there were four people at the bus shelter and two others were hurt by a bench that went flying after the crash.”

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  • Jim

    This is sad. I often use this exact bus stop when I’m waiting for the BX9 at the VA Hospital. I’ve know that the drivers on Kingsbridge go WAY too fast (especially the cabs), but I wouldn’t have every thought this would happen.