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Young, Fat and Fabulous…


Great is theory, flawed in execution.

There is a new movement sweeping the fashion and blogosphere, in which fat girls, their words not ours, are celebrating being what they call “fat and fabulous,” essentially, being plus-sized  and having better clothing options for them to stay fashion forward. Gabi Gregg, a 23-year-old Chicago-based blogger, who runs the blog YoungFatandFabulous.com, has been striving to alleviate the stereotypes of “fat fashion.”

Sydney Morning Herald: “I got the idea when I went to the Weardrobe conference,” says Gregg, referring to a conference that assembled style bloggers and retailers last year. “There were no plus-size girls there. I try not to separate, because really, it’s all just about fashion. But when we weren’t included, I thought, we’ll just make our own event.”

Here’s my problem with the “Fat and Fabulous” movement. First of all, the word fat has a negative connotation. Ask me what I think of when I hear the word fat and I will use the following adjectives: slovenly, gluttonous, and lazy. Anyone interested in fashion, and their general appearance, is by proxy, none of those things. For one to glorify being “fat,” I find, extremely offensive. Fat isn’t healthy. Why not focus on predicating your cause on promoting a healthy lifestyle and body image, in which it is understood that all women, and men for that matter, come in different shapes in sizes? To call oneself fat is an insult, and self-reflection of negativity.

Torrid, a plus size woman’s clothing manufacturer, president, Chris Daniels, put the “fat and fabulous”philosophy into a much nicer package, explaining, “At Torrid, we never assume any look can’t be adapted to be beautiful and sexy for a plus-size girl.” Now, that sounds much better.

I think I’m going to stick with the esteemed fashionista Coco Chanel on this one and say, I’d much prefer to be classy and fabulous, thank you.



  1. i believe that the people who say they are happy about being fat are not being honest. everyone would love to be inshape and buff….. so shouting to the world that you are fat and fabulous is just one way to deal with the issue that you are fat and unhappy……. pass the chili cheese burger, extra cheese please….

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