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What happened to 19 year old Arnaldo Eusebio when he offered cops a $10 bribe?


Should I or shouldn’t I?

I remember the last time I was caught drinking moonshine on the sidewalks of Manhattan and the cops came to give me a ticket. During that split second when they were writing me up I kept thinking, ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?” Should I or shouldn’t I that is offer the cops a $20 bribe? Of course I just kept my mouth shut and endured the fine. Of course that’s not exactly the way things went for Arnaldo Eusebio.

Gothamist: “Arnaldo Eusebio, 19, was caught by officers with graffiti gear on Sheridan Avenue near 164th Street at 3 a.m. Thursday, cops said. ‘I heard that if you give a cop money, they will let you go. All I have is 10 bucks. I just want to see if you’ll let me go,’ he allegedly told police before pulling a $10 bill from his left shoe.” In fact, they did not let him go.

So what’s the moral of the lesson?

a/ $10 bribes don’t work.
b/ Arnaldo probably would have gotten off if he were a socialite or Paris Hilton.
c/$100 bribe plus is sometimes all it takes?
d/ It’s the luck of the draw.
e/ Endure the fine.
f/ Don’t be a criminal in the first place.

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