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There are more drunk doctors than you thought.


Not only do most of us not have health care, but even the folks that can afford it, don’t even know that their doctor is quite unprofessional at times, even during their appointments. How unprofessional you wonder? Let’s find out…

A survey shows that one third of doctors that are aware their co-worker is incompetent or impaired while on the job, won’t even turn them in. And I mean that physician could be on drugs or under the influence of alcohol while they’re supposed to give you a face lift.

Catherine M. DesRoches, DrPH, assistant professor of medicine at the Morgan Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital and her colleagues evaluated comments from over 1,800 doctors in a variety of specialties.

“I was expecting the number who said they reported to be higher. We had 17% of physicians who had direct knowledge of a colleague in their practice or hospital whom they believed was impaired or incompetent. About two-thirds of those did report that physician, but we still had about a third that did not report,” she said.

More than one-third of doctors don’t even feel it’s necessary to report when other physicians are inept. Let’s face it, sometimes being a tattle tale is a great thing, especially if it could save a patient.

A surprising 19% of doctors gave the excuse  they didn’t report their co-workers because they assume someone else is going to take care of the problem. Is that not the lamest reason you’ve ever heard?

The next time you have an appointment, you may want to bring a breathalyzer and set of questions to ask your doctor. Good luck.

Source: WebMD