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The Lindsay Lohan mugshot T-shirt is finally here.


Will you be wearing Lilo’s mugshot on your chest anytime soon?

Whether you believe it or not, I am currently sitting in my room going through all my old tattered shirts and wondering which one I should use to make my first of many ‘Lilo Mugshot’ t- shirt. For the record, I’m torn between the one with Daisy Dukes hooters and the one with LaToya Jackson whispering there is a conspiracy against celebrities. Of course I’m even thinking about using my Dolce Gabbana t- shirt, but frankly I’d rather wait for them to come out with it first that way I can tell all my friends I own a $400 designer ‘Lilo mugshot’ shirt.

One day when Lilo is driving through the Santa Monica boulevard she will see a full blown billboard picture of her mug shot and suddenly realize that she has replaced Pee Wee Herman as the preferred icon of all 14 year old salivating boys and girls. She will then get out of her used Subaru, kick the tires to make sure there is still air in them and exhale in the barren wind that she is indeed immortal.

Will you be buying your momma a “Lilo mugshot’ T-shirt soon?

Lilo is finally on her way to jail.

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  • A thorough look at Lilo’s newest mugshot is the phantom looking back at you and laughing- ” The truth is I’m still getting paid and you know one of them bitches is going to want to offer me another cool million the minute my block wedge heels scrape civilization.”

    The truth is she’s right, and the more you look at that mugshot, the more you suddenly realize- it’s really ‘you’ in that mugshot, minus the disco blond red hair…