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The bad behavior of young women.


Of late young women have been going out of their way it seems to misbehave. Where they have found this courage is beyond me, but then again the behavior of most women is beyond me. In a bygone era women behaved and acted within excepted protocol and standard and if she didn’t she would soon be labeled something derogotary or treated as such.

To be sure I am all for women behave to free will and abandon assuming that is they are also willing to accept the consequences of their behavior. Frankly there’s nothing worse than watching a Lindsay Lohan cry baby sooking down the street when she’s handed her just desserts but all the while acting like she was above the law and willing to crash detonate into the nearest paparazzi camera ensemble. The preferred trick it seems of young femme fatales.

Then there is the young protege of Miley Cyrus who suddenly went from being 14 to a vixen 26 were even her own fans don’t recognize her anymore.Sure it’s a marketing gimmick, rev up the scene, be a bit more risque, show more skin and even possibly get into compromising situations with members of the press- aka Perez Hilton. Of course relative to Lilo, Miley is tame.

Then the question arises why is that such young women are behaving with such added flair, danger and disregard to social convention? Perhaps one could rightly argue such behavior has always been there but it’s only now that the media gives it attention or better still the media only prefers to give attention to women misbehaving because somehow they are held to higher standards than their male counterparts, and thus their male counterparts hardly get the attention their female peers receive. But then again, if I know a thing about paparazzi, a madcap story is a madcap story no matter the gender.

Take my recent experience with a young model. I had met her out one evening and despite my best efforts found myself inclined to take her out (I’ve learned models do not for a variety of reasons have a high pay out ratio despite their appearances). By the end of the evening she had amassed a consortium of numbers and contacts all there in front of me. I later approached her intrigued to canvass her thoughts. She observed that all these men were giving her their number. I asked her out loud whether it occurred to her receiving such numbers might be in bad form to which she replied, ‘I didn’t know we were on a date.” That despite the 5 dinners in a row and the copious hand holding. When she did it again the next evening I didn’t even bother to castigate her. Well actually I did. But in very subtle terms. Once again she did not realize we were on a date. That’s when I called her ignorant and so outraged was she that she started shaking my torso. I on the other hand just stood there, waited for her to stop before politely excusing myself for the balance of the evening.

That is not to say men don’t misbehave ad hoc. They certainly do and I’m sure that our readers have many tales to share. But one does have to wonder have women increasingly become more brazen and willing to flaunt their youth and beauty as a disguise for their misnomers?



  1. Also, You are what you make of yourself.
    Basically, these young ladies like to be “that type of girl.”
    They use it, make tons of money off of it and live w/o giving a damn they are being a “barbie dolls” and “role models” for many and many young girls.

  2. Totally agree with Robyn. No matter how many women are being drunk and “misbehaving” from a society’s point of view, there are still many more men “misbehaving” from society’s point of view, and when men do, they do often and way worse than women.

  3. Maybe it’s because they’re not being stood over by whatever male dominating figure that is there to control her anymore. Sure sometimes girls go too far, get drunk and do things they later regret but the same is true for men, I know more men who get drunk, have sex with countless girls and get into trouble with the law than girls that do. I’d rather women not be controlled by men and still not feel the need to drink everything and do everyone in sight but not all girls are like that and at least the ones that are do so through choice.

    ‘In a bygone era women behaved and acted within excepted protocol and standard and if she didn’t she would soon be labeled something derogotary or treated as such.’

    That’s typical, an example of how women were controlled by a male-dominated society.

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