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So you want to DJ? ‘Spun’ at the Foundation.


If it weren’t for the bouncer and the tell-tale satin rope I might not have seen The Foundation’s subtle emblem on top of the doorway.

“Victor?  Ok, great; so we just opened up a couple of weeks ago so we’re still trying to get our name out there, but we already have a couple of regulars coming in every Tuesday so that’s a good sign…”

Inside, the space was thinner than I’d expected from the photos posted online; the bar comes sweeping across the entrance area, creating a comfortable corridor that leads past the plush seats (situated around the fabled stripper-pole) and ends at the gates just beyond the DJ booth (these gates lead to the ‘back room’ which can be rented out for private parties).  The party was already gaining momentum with groups of two or three or four people talking over the music or breaking into smiles and greeting friends who have just arrived.

I watched the bartender snap apart the plastic popsicle molds and quickly snatched one up.  Whether you’re the type who likes alcoholic treats which don’t taste at all like alcohol or who simply loves chocolate popsicles, I’d recommend jumping into the line when these come out (they’re free as well as novel, which means most everyone is going to be having one).

Depending on your point of view, the main attraction of Foundation Bar’s Tuesday “Spun” event is either the open bar (from 10-11), the open (or not open) dancing pole, or the open DJ booth.  The opportunity to be the DJ for 15 minutes is the headline of this particular party; which means that the music you hear is going to be dependent mostly upon who’s there and who wants to step up to give it a try.  While listening to wanna’-be DJ’s try to remix all of their favorite radio songs may not be enticing to anyone, the host DJ does most of the leg work; you pick the song, check out the dials and back lit buttons, and (as was the case that night) get back on the floor to enjoy your favorite tunes.

Popular that night were the top hits of this or last month, along with the requisite handful throwbacks.  When it was my turn to step up I was mostly at a loss.

“Do you have an iPod you want to plug in?”
I didn’t.
“Any songs you want to hear?”
“I’m not really familiar with…”
“What’s your favorite genre of music?”
“Well, classic rock, punk…”
“That’s going to go over well.”



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