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Self Dealing: The New Social Media-ites Self Obsession

Who's the camera really pointed at?

Who's the camera really pointed at?

Self Obsession. These are the words that immediately come to mind when I contemplate the pervasive media scene currently on display. Instead of focusing on the world around us, many of us, especially the media, in particularly the social bloggers, which spring out of the wood works every milli second seem to be in rapture with themselves. Instead of asking questions of the world around them, what society really means, where it has come from, where it is going they have automatically decried themselves society for simply of the virtue that they were seen and photographed at someone’s (house) party and tagged by various publishers around town.

That said this intriguing piece below courtesy of writer, photographer, lawyer and paradoxically society figure himself, Christopher London points the gauntlet at the current generation of Y bloggers. Unfortunately the report isn’t a very pleasing one. Read at risk of injuring your own ego…Scallywag.

Social Media-ites, please do keep in mind that its not really “Journalism” if you are in essence covering yourself. In that case its called “self promotion”, “self dealing” or serving as your own publicist.

There is nothing wrong with infusing yourself and your brand into a story. These are after all strange and unusual times. Many are hurting and can use a little brand extension, but then if that case let someone else write about it and photograph it. For when you masturbate unless someone else’s hand, mouth or even feet are involved than no matter how you slice or dice it, its nothing but self love. Capische?

Truth told when this old man first leveled a critique at GuestofaGuest for its self love, many self dealers critiqued me for raining on their parade dismissing me as envious of the Gen Y Social Networking site which has since morphed into Facebook Lite. Generation Y’s self absorption seemingly knows no bounds and has made them drunk with indifference, hooked on bad art, culture. This  self love makes them the ideal consumers of the culture of distraction. While the country has gone to hell in a hand basket our best and brightest are consumed with everything Lohan, Hilton, Gaga et al etc.—wondering how they can in essence be like them.

Where prior generations asked questions this one doesn’t bother cause its too fucking busy looking at itself in the mirror, taking pictures of itself and jacking off on Facebook. There is no Beat Generation to question whether society sucks, just one over run with narcissists. The tools of the trade for the new Social Journalist are a mirror and a camera aimed in their direction at all times.

GuestofaGuest.com Continues Artistic Rip Off, Joins The Social CIA Movement to be a Homing Device on your persona;

YES VIRGINIA, There is A Social Mafia in NYC!!


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