Home Nightlife Scallywag turns up to celebrate the Gates 1 year anniversary.

Scallywag turns up to celebrate the Gates 1 year anniversary.

Sophia Kandelaki.
Photo by Chervine. Amir Bennani and Christopher Koulouris.

There to celebrate the Gates one year anniversary (already?) with numerous other guests we turned up this past Thursday with smiles the size of antelope carcasses (an apt description I wonder- blah!) and an entourage to boot. To be honest whenever I see entourages I am prone to feinting or pretending that I am just the intern. Of course lies like these never get me anywhere…assuming they get anyone anywhere in the first place.

With well wishers, and the occasional trollop we put great dexterity to drinking what was put in front of us. At some point I was accosted by a Tunisian model/actress (Ms Amir Bennani) – who at one point forced me to get in front of a slow moving photo shop(sponsored be Svedka vodka) with a costume of sorts and pretend that I was a slow paced action John Travolta with pulsating electric flashes bolted at us. The result is sheer fun and worth your while.

Photo by Nandovision.com. Scallywag and Hillary Flowers.

I was also accosted by the designer Hillary Flowers who decided to bring her own paparazzi team with her as we took photos (really don’t you hate it when you get upstaged by another paparazzi team?) and a variety of other delightful sorts who caught my attention. Who knew our readers were so tantalizing in the buff.

To be sure it was a swell evening, Danny Kane and the gang took care of us and as for the guests they certainly left a smile on my face, but I tell you Ms Hillary Flowers- here’s one piece of advice- never upstage a paparazzo with another paparazzo- but heck I still love you my dear….

Sophia Kandelaki.
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  • abir bennani

    I loved the pictures!