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Lea T, a transexual makes it as French Vogue’s cover girl.


Things are getting edgier in France.

We’ve always known that the Europeans are more open minded when it comes to the display of nudity in the public forum, but now comes the revelation that French Vogue is set to feature Lea T, a Brazilian trans sexual in their upcoming issue.

Salon.com: When Givenchy’s head designer cast his personal assistant, Lea T., in a print ad for the brand, it sparked a frenzy of interest. Calls for interviews and modeling gigs began pouring in. Now, French Vogue, the hipper sister of American Vogue, is running a profile of the Brazilian model alongside a nude portrait in its upcoming issue. But this isn’t your typical tale about the feverish discovery of a new face in high-fashion — because Lea just happens to be a transsexual.

Which suggests public opinion is shifting towards an acceptance of individuals traditionally perceived as outcasts. Or could it just be French media has decided to ingratiate traditionally vilified persons to the public.

Unlike in the buzzed-about Givenchy ad, she doesn’t wear ostentatious makeup or strike any of the dramatic poses that usually mark high fashion editorials. She is simply, arrestingly bare. With her long hair draped over her shoulders, Lea looks straight out of the Garden of Eden — and that is perhaps what’s most subversive about the photo: its ability to make us re-conceive of what we think of as “natural.”

One day Amanda Lepore is going to make it to the cover of American Vogue too.

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  • I hope one day people stop to be worry about gender and be more aware about human beings.

  • He looks like Mel Gibson’s baby momma!

  • Rick

    So you are comparing transsexuals with Amanda Lepore?
    The sarcastic end sentence makes just clear you like to discriminate people of who and what they are.

  • Anonymous

    she is NOT A COVERGIRL she is NOT ON THE COVER. get it together chris