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Dick Cheney’s new heart pump.


Former vice-president overlord of the league of calamitous intent, Dick Cheney might not be able to keep bringing the world his benevolent, loving nature and caring personality for much longer as it seems he recently had a

ventricular assist device — or a dual-battery heart pump — implanted in his abdomen with motors churning the blood through his otherwise dead pig heart.

According to a medical study of these heart pumps, 42 percent of patients with LVADs died within two years of having the apparatus implanted.

To think that civil society and the planet has only two years left without the onerous burden of war, shots to the face, environmental and economic destruction, and just plain old creepiness. Well, it really makes you stop and think: why do bad things happen to such decidedly good people.
  • Dave

    I could stare at that picture all day. Great piece!

  • lynn

    Vicious and hillarious! Very good!