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Carte Goodwin helps pass Unemployment Extension.


Washington’s newest baby-faced Senator Carte Goodwin, the man who took the seat of recently deceased (or so we think) longtime Senator Robert Byrd of West Virgina, is apparently so new to Washington that he actually immediately got to work and actually accomplished something. Upon being sworn in and hearing obscenities by Vice-president Joe Biden, Carte Goodwin (D-W.Va) helped break a Republican filibuster over extending unemployment benefits to Americans through November.

“I feel privileged to have played a small role helping to move this legislation forward. Obviously, no one can replace Senator Byrd, nor can anyone really hope to fill his shoes, but I feel privileged to have the opportunity to try and emulate his work ethic and his commitment to the law, this body, and the state of West Virginia.” said Goodwin following the vote.

Give it two years and he’ll be president, or at the very least replace Jon Edwards as the dreamy Democratic senator with a love child in-waiting.

Source: Gawker

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