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Lilo’s Scram bracelet whistles off.


Bitch too busy swapping tongue juice.

According to an anonymous source Lilo’s Scram bracelet, which she has been mandated to wear by the courts apparently went of while she was attending the MTV awards in Los Angeles this past Sunday.

Rumor has begun whirling that Lilo couldn’t resist herself and had to sit next to a bottle of vodka before her glare eventually set it off. Other reasoning includes that the young actress was so happy to see her fellow actors that in her efforts to greet them, some of the gin and blow dribbling off their tonsils inadvertently found itself into Lilo’s system.

Apparently the judge in Lilo’s case is set to receive an alert on the fact that Lilo’s scram went off, which makes sense that it finds its way to her after only having found its way to the media first. Which after all might be a clever scheme Lilo and her handlers have devised to keep her name circulating now that she is no longer publicly seen getting drunk or high. Or a clever way to keep her out of jail.

Source;Huffington Post.