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Jesse James really is a Racist…As*hole


If one name came to mind when I think pathetic asshole, it would have to be Jesse James. First he cheats on wife Sandra Bullock with three ugly skeezers, then he blames his actions on being abused by his father, and now…now he’s trying to get paid over an object that was featured in one of his most controversial photos ever.

Confused? Let me explain, remember that idiotic photograph of Jesse and his rendition of a Nazi salute? Well apparently in the photo there’s a Red Baron replica airplane, and whose trying to sell it on eBay…why Jesse James of course!

His company West Coast Choppers is auctioning off the merchandise and labeling it as “pop culture history.”

Can you believe this sh*t. One moment Jesse James is crying like a little bit*h about how he’s never been a racist and is a nice man, and another he’s trying to get money off his racist picture. And to make matters worse on the eBay listing it’s described as, “This is the actual model seen in US, People, In Touch, TMZ, etc etc etc…and pictures of you with it may be worth big bucks someday so bid to win.”

I guess that’s how he looked at wife Sandra Bullock, being photographed with her would be worth big bucks. What an asshole. Whoever purchases this plane is an even bigger asshole and probably a racist.

Source; TMZ