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Google’s Marissa Mayer knows how to throw one heck of a birthday party.


Jumping cakes and porn statues.

Anyone who knew they were anyone was probably seen making out with Marissa Meyer‘s garden hose this past weekend. Not because they were trying to find a working faucet, but because that’s how Marissa, a big cheese at Google likes to celebrate her birthdays.

Gawker reports:

Celebrating what we can only assume was her 35th birthday late last month, Mayer kept the public address system at her Palo Alto home pumped full blast until 2 am, according to a source in the Silicon Valley catering circuit. This led to numerous visits from the local cops, said the tipster, and party chatter that Meyer’s neighbors aren’t fans of the Google search product chief.

Mmh- this sounds like a party we would have attended. Were there fire marshalls posted behind the cactus trees, personal playboy bunnies who would make you giggle and drink some more if you were pooped out and what about the birthday girl, would she send you a moratorium Monday morning if she didn’t see you partying to excess?

Even as Mayer was throwing a too-hot-for-the-cops party for guests, she was seen being cold with the help. Mayer kicked out a member of the catering staff for taking a picture of her cake, said our tipster.

Oh well. That’s just the help. If they don’t like it they can just as easily find another job, right?

Anyway sounds Google’s hot thang got it all off this weekend and we can only wish we were there and see her try and keep a straight face as she walked into headquarters Monday morning. Yawn.

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