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Foreclosures only keep going up.


Why America is destined to staying poor.

Empirical studies have indicated that what moves the US economy is the consumer. Of course that’s not good news for anyone who is looking at their bank statement and wondering why they are so poor. With America having spend the good part of the last 5-10 years using their home equity as a make believe ATM machine the dream of being solvent is quickly gurgling down the drain. But in the event you wanted to know how fast the water is going down the drain have a sobering look at this pretty chart courtesy of the Awl. If we can interpret anything for you the longer and the steeper those lines keep going the longer and steeper the pain in the back of your head will become too. Of course the top 3 percent of our nation can disregard this post and get back to high tea assuming the stock market where they are invested doesn’t continuing going the other way those red, blue and green lines are going.

Source: The Awl