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Christian Hernandez realizes he wasn’t made to be a matador.


Jumping and skipping over the fence to save your life.

There are some careers that only few people could really do- fire fighters, brain surgeon, president, police officer, Wall st trader and that of matador. That said this weekend Christian Hernandez of Mexico finally came to the firm realization that he too wasn’t cut out for the last career mentioned above. The Independent of UK sheds some light for us.

A matador was fined after running away from a bull and leaping over the arena wall.

Christian Hernandez was arrested after Sunday’s botched bullfight at the Plaza Mexico in Mexico City, apparently for breach of contract, local media reported.

He was released after paying the fine.

Which is to say he definitely did not nail the bull. But that is not to say Christian didn’ learn some heart felt lessons:

“There are some things you must be aware of about yourself,” the 22-year-old Mexican matador said in a television interview.

“I didn’t have the ability, I didn’t have the balls, this is not my thing.”

Then again how many people would have the balls to stand there as a bull charging up to 50 miles an hour with a hard on for your neck is approaching you?

Officials did briefly convince Hernandez to return to the ring, where he put his hands over his head and pointed upward before he made a second exit, shaking his head.

He later said he would retire from bullfighting.

As we have reiterated there are some jobs not everyone can do and it is safe to say Christian has finally realized being a matador is not one of them.

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