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What type of nightmares will Lilo have tonight?


Getting plastered through wet dreams.

Tonight when Lilo lays her head to go to sleep she will be counting, “One Jack Daniel, two Jack Daniel, 3 Jack Daniel, one bag of crack….” and so forth until she reaches her favorite number – 46 shots. She will then curl carefully not to make her SCRAM device inadvertently get plastered through osmosis of her wet dream and then she will carefully count backwards- “46 crack bags, 45 crack bags, and so forth.”

And while she is there dreaming that her whole life finds new sudden meaning her fairy Godmother – Godzilla will appear to wish Lilo 3 wishes. Lilo will at first shake violently because her withdraw symptoms will be just kicking in, wake up, look out the window, send Morse code signal to her crack dealer that she can not visit him for another month or so, check to see if Larry King wants to interview her, whether someone in Hollywood has decided to make a movie about her before returning to her fair Godmother Godzilla who will be busily twittering.

“Godzilla,” Lilo will say. “You promised me 3 wishes. Can I have them now?”

“Lilo- your heart can have anything you want.”

“Can you take this SCRAM device off?”

“Of course Lilo- you have two more wishes?”

“Can you give me a bottle of Jack Daniels?”

“Only after the last wish.”

“Can you tell the media to leave me alone?”

And just as Lilo is about to have that first intoxicating blast she suddenly remembers that she owes her entire existence to the media before quickly looking for the SCRAM device and resuming her countdown all over again- ” One Jack Daniel, two Jack Daniel, etc…”

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