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Wallpaper & Iguatemi – Launch Born in Brazil.


Photos courtesy of PMC. Ana Beatiz Barros, Carlos Jereissati, Fernanda Motta.

This past Friday I had the good fortune of attending Wallpaper magazine and Brazilian retailer and supporter of the arts IGUATEMI‘s joint celebration of said magazine’s latest foray into Brazil. Hosted at Carlos Junquiera‘s new showroom- Espasso, high society, the design community and some of the most beautiful people this author has ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on (a horrible side effect it seems of being a paparazzo…) celebrated in a packed well appointed abode alongside Wallpaper’s Editor in Chief – Tony Chambers and Iguatemi’s – Carlos Jereissati, and the usual cohort of supermodels such events tend to draw- including; Alessandra Ambrosio and the June cover girl herself- Ana Beatriz Barros. Which is not to say frankly that everyone who attended the event were themselves utterly chic and (too) fabulous, something this author is increasingly getting used to dealing with…

Arriving at the swank Tribeca location initially had me boxed in with an assortment of the trendy haute set, who entertained me with their ability to drink, eat (yes we were treated to some of the most savory canapes ever- to say we were spoiled would be an understatement…), carefully regard each other, drink some more and casually let you know that unless you were witty, clever or just as fabulous as them all you could hope to do was to jealously stare. In my case I just stared, until I was finally inspired to take a brief tour around the wonderfully designed Espasso (i should think I would like my office to one day resemble the space…), grab myself another Caipirinha and nearly knock myself over one of the wonderfully appointed design chairs by designer Carlos Motta, but of course such things are sometimes apt to happen when one pays a bit too much attention to all the 6ft beauties existing 3 feet away from them.

Ana Beatriz Baros, Tony Chambers and Carlos Motta giving a lift