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Matthew Brace tries to trade baby for beer.


Let’s all meet Matthew Brace, he’s this week’s failed human being. Why? Let’s all read below and find out how Matthew nearly conned a store attendant into trading in his 3 month old daughter for 2 cans of 40 ounce beer. Something which is bound to irk the little cherub when she grows up one day and realizes that dad didn’t even at least try for a six pack.

A Massachusetts man offered to swap his baby for two beers, yet somehow managed not to get arrested. The 24-year-old put his 3-month-old daughter and her stroller in a gas station employee’s truck, reports the Republican of Springfield. Instead of trading the baby for two 40-ounce beers, the man called the cops. The baby is in custody and Matthew Brace will face a reckless endangerment charge.

Let’s thank the Chicopee police chief for handling this situation professionally, and also adding a little sarcasm saying, “I’ve been in this line of work, well, this is my fourth decade. I’ve seen a lot of atrocities. I’ve worked at a lot of murders, but trying to trade a baby for alcohol? It’s a new low,” he said during a press conference this morning.

The little girl is currently in custody but the most important question has still yet to be answered: where is her mother? But then again we already have a feeling where the mother is…

Source: Newser.
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