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KARIN + RAOUL host PULCHRITUDE, at Damon Dash.



Nude model
Chip Willis – ‘Hotel.’

The Dash Gallery hosted the premiere of Karin + Raoul Magazine—an exhibition titled “Pulchritude” this past Thursday May 13th. The fashionable elite—musically inclined and provocative photographers themselves graced the space between all four walls, as bartenders and hosts in sexy mini-black dresses developed the limelight. It was hot all around—cleavage, high heels and bulbous red lips accentuated the raw sexuality depicted in the photographs.

Ronin’s depiction of Asian beauty “Sabrina”—her in the nude confronting a robed version of herself–in one colorful snapshot was certainly a favorite; Andrew Matusik like Ronin applied graphic design techniques to his photographs. Kaleidoscopic interpretations of female corpses merged and contorted at the mid-section, down to form what appeared to be a flower– had viewers stopping to quench their visual hunger.


‘Aeric,’- Meredith Goujon.



George Pitts. nude model
George Pitts.
Cynthia K. Cortes’ bondage series
Cynthia K. Cortes’ bondage series
  • AWESOME playList:

    Once More (Bedrock Edit 2) by The Orb
    Private House (JTV Mix) by Joe T Vannelli
    Deep Thrills by Just Jack
    Ariel by Stateless
    Down Boy by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    So This Is Goodbye by Junior Boys
    Sola Sistim by Underworld
    In This World by Moby
    Let Go by Frou Frou

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