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Will Hollywood survive with the knowledge that Larry King has just filed for his eighth divorce?


‘Love don’t live here anymore…’

We’ve been drying our eyeballs all afternoon with the knowledge that hot stud Larry King just failed in his eighth marriage. Married for 13 years to Shawn Southwick, things went terribly south for this Hollywood duo when it surfaced that Larry ‘I can still use Viagra,’ King may or may have not been ‘entertaining’ other members of society, which was obviously too much for Shawn.

As reported by our friend Michael K of D listed;

UPDATE: A source tells TMZ that Larry and Shawn had themselves a huge fight this morning, which led to both of them filing for divorce. Apparently, Shawn thinks Larry passed his peen to one of her close relatives! DAMN! The old geezer’s still got it. And by it, I mean a never-ending supply of Viagra. Do you think Larry keeps his suspenders on when he gets down to it?

A big fight? What type of big fight? That she was sick and tired of ironing his suspenders, that he was sick and tired of buying her diamond trinkets and being polite in her presence, that maybe Larry’s loins were now indebted to a new much younger version of Shawn, as Larry is obviously the preferred specimen for under 33 year olds.

In any event, love don’t live here anymore, at least that’s something we can all sing along together to…

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