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Passenger threatens to down plane with his mind.


The delusional things passengers are coming up with now.

This story kind of reminds us of one of those Hollywood stories, where if you spend enough time willing or wishing for something like winning an Academy Award or bedding Cameron Diaz,  it eventually it all becomes true until you wake up the next morning.

Keeping that all in mind, a passenger this afternoon announced to fellow passengers on  Qantas jet flight 31, bound  from Sydney, Australia to Singapore that he would bring the plane down all with the aid of willing it mentally. As you can imagine, this particular passenger caused many other passengers some degree of strain. After all how crazy is someone to say that in the first place but how crazy would it be if something like that actually worked?

Reports news.com.au

A QANTAS passenger had to be restrained by flight stewards after he threatened to bring down the plane with the power of his mind.

The man, believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, was said to be delusional and threatening to use the power of his mind to bring the plane down, reports ABC’s Nick Luchinelli, who was onboard the flight.

Stewards on flight QF31 from Sydney to Singapore handcuffed the man’s arms and legs for the rest of the flight.

The moral of the story: craziness isn’t what happens around you, it’s the way you perceive things around you. If only perceiving and willing were the same thing…

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