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Michael Lohan makes us barf.


What this fame whore is now doing on twitter…

It’s not enough that Michael Lohan is disowned by his coke/crack whore daughter but now he wants to be disowned by America too.

As some of you may remember when twitter first came out it was meant as a clever concise way to convey information- ‘hey I’m lost in the forest, come and rescue me?’ or ‘ Does anyone know where to buy beef burgers in Kansas,’ etc but thanks to butt holes like Milo (short for Michael Lohan) Milo can now terrorize you anytime he feels like it- ‘Want to see my chiseled saggy nipples?’ or ” Would you like to take a peak at my erection?” or “can anyone tell me which crack den Lilo is hanging out today?

Milo can’t you go back to being what the hell you were before you became a public nuisance, we’re sure the world wouldn’t mind…

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