Home Scandal and Gossip Jennifer Aniston has a plan to have the world smelling like her.

Jennifer Aniston has a plan to have the world smelling like her.


Attaching your name to anything that smells like money.

Jennifer has a problem. No one bothers to go watch her in any films that she stars in anymore, but being a smart little cherub, she is just not about to let the publicity blitz that circulate her courtesy of the roughly 72 billion magazines that monitor her every breath just go to waste. That’s why she’s now staring in a new perfume campaign. Let’s all read up and find out how Jen manages to get all the cushy gigs and stay way ahead of the curve.

Courtesy of UK Daily Mail.

Wrapped in nothing more than a towel, and gazing through messy hair, Jennifer Aniston pulls her very best seductress expression.

But this time it isn’t a romantic comedy she’s promoting. Like pop star Kylie before her, the actress has branched out and launched her very own perfume – Lovalie.

Lovalie? Wouldn’t ‘Appropriator,’ or ‘ Double Chin’ or even ‘ Smells like Cash’ being more appropriate names for her eponymous line? Continues the report:

Asked what she wants from the fragrance, she said: ‘I want people to go, “What is that? You smell great!”

‘But most of all I wanted it to smell natural.’

Right, Jen it smells so natural we’re all dancing like daffodil petals in a Doris Day re run.

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