Home Nightlife Earth Day’s “A Bid to Save the Earth Auction,” Rockefeller Plaza 2010

Earth Day’s “A Bid to Save the Earth Auction,” Rockefeller Plaza 2010


Hosted by ‘Master of Ceremonies’ actor Chevy Chase and Christopher Burge, veteran auctioneer best known for sealing $500 million at a 2006 Christie’s art auction, the Green Auction this year grossed $657,000. Burge’s quick-witted repartee stamped original artwork and all-expense paid vacations and excursion with a new seal of ownership.  20 items were bid live and for those who don’t feel compelled to bid publicly, there is a silent auction online hosting over 600 other treasure at www.charitybuzz.com

All the proceeds go to benefit the foundations responsible for saving the earth.

The “Trip of the Lifetime” to Bali, Cruise and Singapore retailing at $200k was the first to go, at $55k. Other excursions included a private walking tour and tasting, Botswana through the eyes of National Geographic expert and more. Naturalist Keith Tyson’s “Cloud Choreography” painting, retailed highest, at $260,000 and veered into bidder’s tenure for $160,000. An involvement of gravity, temperature and evaporation, this painting recalls natural forms and height—by laterally depicting clouds in motion with sky. Damien Hirst also donated “All you need is Jealousy”—the heart painted in with blue, yellow butterflies—retailing at $90,000.

Additional works by Zheng Fanzhi, Matthew Ritchie, Enok Perez and Kenny Scharf contributed to the salvation of indigenous rainforest tribes, to whales or to some other conservation. Meaningful in that each painting seemed to convey some sort of nature- industry repertoire, the artwork, unlike the excursions, all sold at retail value and higher.

“It must be a relief to see people beginning to buy art again,” quipped  actor/comedian Chevy Chase. Harrison Ford’s $100k donation to the Kayapo natives in the Brazilian Amazon also set an admirable example for the next $50k “Kayapo” donator.

Other auctioned delights included a couple of Girard Perregaux ‘tourbillions watches, in gold and diamonds going for $90k. An amount slightly(ok, grossly) beyond this authors spare change.

Susan Cohn, new wife to David Rockefeller Jr. in the end had this to say. “Scientists ground us with facts, artists life us with hopes and dreams.”