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The unsavory demise of the media world is around the corner.


The terrible things that are happening to media companies. 

Oh well, we might as well tell you all you aspiring media tycoons and journalism newbies- all bets are off. Why? Because Gawker just uncovered something that only few us ever dared whisper after a glass of Cognac. That’s right- there is no more money in media and the public doesn’t care one iota. How did we arrive at this horrible moment, (bring out the Kleenex kids…) – let Gawker tell us.

That is the only conclusion a reasonable person can reach reading this new Pew Foundation report. Paywalls are anathema. Nobody clicks on ads. The value of news is zero dollars and zero cents. The future of news is awesome.

This doesn’t like good news kids, what are we going to do now that the public refuses to read the dribble that outlets like Gawker thump down your throat? Maybe write about things that people actually to write about? Nah, that would complicate matters and devastate the media tyranny. No we could never do that. Continues the report…

In the great paywall debate, a number of big names have come down in favor: For example, The Wall Street Journal and, soon, The New York Times. The idea is that the content provided by these publications is so special and good that consumers would be willing to spend money for access to Tom Friedman’s latest column over, say, a pack of AA batteries. Is the Sunday Styles worth more to Americans than the approximate amount of change they lose each day from tripping and having it spill out of their pockets? The Pew Foundation’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s 2010 survey says: No.

Can anyone please give us media types a solution? The idea of going back to bartending after a heavy day of blogging really doesn’t turn us on. How about collusion? How about we all agreed that we wont give you the news until you, the public beg us.

Or here’s another idea, how about we walk around Times Square begging you to fill our tin cups of sorrow. Folks this is a serious problem. You pay for your cigarettes right? Why not pay for all the other things that cause you cancer.

Argh, the death of the media world is soon and soon it will only be Gawker smiling all alone in the media rubble…