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The Art of The Fundraiser. ‘Fund Art Now.’

Casey Jones.
Photography courtesy of Francois Legagner of www.weknowtv.com

While it’s been well over two months since disaster struck in Haiti, support for its people hasn’t stopped flowing, thanks to the masterminds behind Sunday night’s gala Event: The Nouveau Haiti Arts Benefit.

While this isn’t the first fundraiser thrown for Haiti, it also won’t be the last. Nouveau Haiti will soon be going on tour to hold similar events across the country.  Regardless, tonight was something special.

Giving credit to any one person for the event’s realization would be a touch unfair. Partner organizations in its inception included Fund Art Now, Chair and Maiden Gallery, Hearts4Haiti Global Initiative, Global Syndicate, Gai R Collective, One People One Haiti, NY Historical Society, and Radical Ideas.

Through a collaboration with Fund Art Now, the artwork of several Haitian nationals was on display.  Likewise, the crowd tonight was treated to the songs of Erol Josue, MikaBen and Nia & Pierre Huberson, who performed live.   Haiti was seen tonight, and heard, and even tasted– aromatic and spicy Haitian dishes were abundant.

In addition to the $20 admission, raffle tickets were sold for truly extravagant prizes.  A 4 day vacation in Barbados, $5,000 gift certificates to rent a Lear Jet, and $500 gift certificates for the Diamond International Club. All were generously donated to benefit Haiti.    The night’s proceeds will go to the Mayor’s Fund Haiti Project and The Future Orphanage Project.

Inspirational as the group effort was, it was the presence of certain individuals that made the night unique. Gardy Guerrier was on hand, while the night was hosted by his colleague, Fabrice Armand.

Actress Cassandra Hepburn (just off completing Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Hellride) arrived fresh from volunteer work in Haiti, on behalf of the University of Miami Medical, and Medishare.  Her work also includes representing Haitian orphanages, and directing the donation of clothes, shoes, toys, and applied scholastic materials.  Cassandra is also a board member of Fund Art Now, which provided the locale, the furniture, and the artwork.   “Art is communication,” says Hepburn, “It’s an aesthetic that touches anyone that sees it.”

Fravcois Legagner’s work can also be found at www.weknow.tv


Kevin Alexander and Cassandra Hepburn.



  1. Hello Casey, Thank you once again for supporting and also writing great pieces. You truly get it.

    Fabrice brought up a great point to me that I let slip when speaking to you concerning the “opulent furniture”, the key reason to the furniture was that one of our sponsors was , Lux Event Rentals, whom provided all the furniture for the space, as collective hardware is a raw empty space we had to bring everything in ourselves, from art to ice, which without the help of Lux and our other sponsors Steinway and Sons who provided the Grand Piano, Barbados Tourism Authority, the Crane Resort, Diamond Club International, Jet Blue Airlines who provided our raffle prizes, Labadee manoir restaurant who provided the food, and Mount Gay rum and Ace of Spades who provided the liquor for the open bar, none of this would be possible.

    It is important to note that we donate 100% of the proceeds from our fundraisers to our recipient orgs and all the venues, vendors, staff, and everything else associated with the production of our events are either donated or paid for out of our own pockets.

    No point doing a fundraiser if you spend more to produce it than you raise for the cause you are doing it for. Hope that clarifies the matter a bit better for you.

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