Home Scandal and Gossip Octomommy is about to become America’s newest homeless casualty.

Octomommy is about to become America’s newest homeless casualty.


The inconvenience of having to feed 8 children on top of your other 6 children.

Living in America as you all know is a daily grind. There’s the TV shows to watch in the morning, the gossip you have to share like a wild wind about some coke fiend called Lilo, the greasy burger you got to shove down your mouth to get this thing called nutrition and once in a while in all of this the day to day living expenses called rent you have to deal with.

That said, welcome to the life of Octomommy who kind of screwed up her delicate life by going on to have 8 kids on top of the other 6 she was keeping in the cupboard. As you may or may not know, kids are an expensive and at times inconvenient proposition which require your time, love, undivided devotion and deep pockets. Guess which one Octomommy is missing? That’s right, the donero, let’s hold hands together and look at how Octomommy got herself in this particular jam…

Reports TMZ:

Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids may become homeless … because she’s fallen behind on mortgage payments to the tune of more than $450,000 … this according to the person who holds the note on the property.

Wow, so can we do the math here; that’s $32 000 per child. So if instead of having gone off and having 8 children after the first 6 (which we suspect she was probably already struggling to take care of) she would only now be $194 000 in the hole (this is how i did it kids- 450/14= 32. Take 32 x 8= 256. 450 – 256= 194 (wow!)

As you can imagine this is all pretty bad news for Octomommy and we’re wondering how it’s going to turn out when Octomommy is forced to move into skidrow or some other savory neigborhood to take care of her brood. Either way, we suspect there will be  a lot of smelly diapers wherever she moves. Maybe next time when octomommy thinks to get pregnant with half of humanity in her living room she will stop to consider the consequences.