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Jude Law can still make you melt…


The things pretty boys can get you to do…

Oh well, here we go again. It’s about to be released and whatever it is we don’t want it. It’s too meticulous, flattering, fluffy and slightly intoxicating. Is it the perfume ‘Christian Dior’ that we are talking about? No the guy hawking the perfume. Yes, instead of taking the bottle out of its box all you need to do is close your eyes and concentrate and soon it will be that ‘pretty’ boy Jude Law wafting you with his essence. You will become brave, tipsy and forever gushing as Jude sturdily primes his lips against the socket of your navel.

We can hear it now and nearly smell it- Christian Dior- the preferred perfume for every human fantasy. Apply liberally, healthy imagination a must.

Lainey Gossip.

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    Oh hell yeah!