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Former British Cover girl and Soap actress Adele Silva now works as a shop assistant in Hollywood.


How to come to America and fail miserably…

For those of you out there in the arts, you all know readily how hard it is to break in and rise to the top. But what if you had risen to the top and once you found yourself there for a while we’re suddenly cast aside and in an effort to meet your obligations we’re forced to take a ride back down the social ladder. It wouldn’t be pleasant and it would certainly be a big bruise to one’s ego. Kind of like Donald Trump losing all his money, unable to secure a new loan, gone through his savings and now moping the floor of the building he once used to own.

This my dears is where British actress, Adele Silva finds herself today. But rather than face the glaring eye of the public, she got up and left for Hollywood where there would be less chance of potential embarrassment. Great idea in theory, until the UK’s equivalent of OK magazine found her and decided to do  a full color feature expose of her sweeping the floor for everyone back home to gobble over. The depressing tale as it unfolds…

She was once a household name, best known for her role in soap Emmerdale and reality cooking show, Hell’s Kitchen.

But after leaving Britain for the dizzy heights of Hollywood, it seems that Adele Silva’s dreams of stardom have taken a downward spiral.

Miss Silva, 29, has, in fact, made it in Hollywood – but only as a shop assistant for British fashion chain Ted Baker at their Melrose Avenue store, the Daily Mail has learned.

Ouch! You can almost hear her fellow country men snickering with delight…

Last night, Adele told the Mail: ‘I’m a jobbing actress and in this climate you can either sell your soul or do an honest day’s work.’

Indeed, in Adele’s case it seems that the Daily Mail has gone ahead and sold her soul and humility all in one fell swoop, so much for Hollywood right…?




  1. Scallywag- I really love your writing style. It’s punchy and funny and borderline satirical. It’s truly fresh. I am now a fan. Something tells me you could write about just about anyone and anything and it would be hilarious. These are dark and hard times. An outlet that allows one to laugh, is more precious these days than gold. I wish more people realized that.
    Amy D.

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