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Carla Bruni’s tight dress has heads turning.


The tight dresses that Carla Bruni can get away with wearing while attending state dinners.

In the USA, the press go gaga if the first lady- Michelle Obama so much as shows a hint of skin, or a hemline half an inch out of place. Not so in France, the French eat it up, well most of them anyway. The following report from the UK Daily Mail gives us more insight into what passes for satisfactory first lady state dinner wear. Let’s all find out…

The French First Lady wore a floor-length Roland Mouret gown which was so tight it revealed the exact outline of her slim body – and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president greeting his Russian equivalent Dimitry Medvedev at the Elysee Palace, certainly looked a proud husband.

Proud husband? What about the guests in attendance? How proud were they? Again, let’s find out…

She played it safe in blue satin Christian Louboutin heels – for which the shorter Sarkozy would have been grateful – as other guests stumbled and tripped on their way into the Elysee Palace.

Mmh, we wonder why all these guests kept stumbling. In any respect, we’re glad that Mr Sarkozy got a lot of heads turning and of course a few loose heels falling…


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