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Anna Nicole’s Estate gets shafted.


The perils of prostitution. When playing for billions only gets you mere millions.

Here’s an idea. Find the oldest nearly deceased billionaire in the neighborhood, put on a pair of red pumps, undo the first two buttons, show them your Playboy tear sheets and casually announce ‘you could just die there right now.’

That in a nutshell is what happened to Anna Nicole Smith, who ended up dying herself shortly after her billionaire husband passed away leaving her a potential contested estate worth $1.6 billion dollars. A sham of a marriage? Let’s put it this way, beauty always finds money, especially money that is about to croak.

Reports AP:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court ruled Friday that Anna Nicole Smith’s estate will get none of the more than $300 million the late Playboy model claimed a Texas billionaire to whom she was briefly married meant to leave her after he died.

The ruling came in a 15-year legal battle that started in a sleepy Houston probate court and stretched all the way to the U.S Supreme Court.

It initially pitted Smith against the son of J. Howard Marshall over the $1.6 billion estate the oil tycoon left after his 1995 death at age 90. J. Howard Marshall had wed Smith the year before when she was 26.

Either way that’s $20 million a year. If we could fit into a pair of red pumps we’d try it too. Bless Howard and Anna, we’re sure they were deeply in love with each other. Sort of.


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